Severed: Forest of the Dead (2005)

This zombie suspense horror film directed by Carl Bessai and set in a remote logging community following an incident where a genetic experiment goes wrong. Zombies are on the loose somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, and our heroes must survive them.

The zombies in the film Severed are similar to the standard zombie in movement, however there is a slight difference in their appearance; as opposed to having a pale and bloodless skin tone, many of the zombies have a yellow discoloration, and sport dark veins on the side of their head.

As with most zombie movies, in order to be killed, one must remove the zombie's head or destroy its brain, to quote the movie, “you have to sever the head; it’s the only way to kill them", although wounding a zombie appears to be easier than in other zombie movies.

In a remote wilderness loggers and environmental activists must join together to survive against zombies resulting from a logging company's genetic experiments in an attempt to increase lumber production which will in theory lead to a 15% increase in profit. A lumberjack is injured when cutting a tree which has been spiked by environmentalists. He is infected by genetically modified tree sap, causing him to turn into a zombie becoming patient zero for the outbreak.

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