Shotgun vs Zombies: Game


Shotgun vs Zombies is a side scrolling shooting game on the Armor Games network. The goal of the game is to upgrade your shotgun and of course, kill all the zombies. As players progress though levels, more and more intricate zombies are introduced, such as; gunners, grenadiers, grim reapers, rocketeers and more. A level is completed when you've killed the required amount of zombies, and they spawn by dropping from the sky so "watch your head".


Considering I played till the end of the game, I would say it's a fun game. Simple in design but tricky like most zombies games because of the fact that zombies are powerful in numbers, especially when they have guns and syths. For a short online game, we have a winner here, worthy of trying.


There are a good range of upgrade features, as shown below, so you can customize your gun as you see fit, improving damage, health, accuracy, as well as the weapon component, introducing poison, freeze bullets and rockets/grenades.

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