Toxie-Radd - Game Review

An elegant birds-eye view zombie hoard game. You play as a science experiment who wakes up during a zombie apocalypse. Start by fighting your way through the unlimited zombies, panicking police and the scientist who experimented on you. Three story level's which prepare you for a 20 level wave mode with increasingly resilient zombies.


Joe is a convict in St.Rose state prison a place of detention, pain and secret experimentation's on human lab rats.
But suddenly…something goes wrong
Joe awakes after a strong explosion With A gatling gun welded on his arm!
The prison is out of control…
everybody smells like dead flesh…
walking and biting as damned zombies!


A zombie action-shooting game featuring:
B-movie splatter-horror mood
3 story levels and a final 20 levels arena
Hundreds of zombies of 5 different kinds
Panic-striken policemen and 3 big-bosses
5 weapons including flamethrower & lightning gun
Massive explosions by grenades and oil barrels
Dynamic particle system for bullets & blood
30 Upgrade skills to grow Joe’s combat might
In-Game achievements for special bonus
Short, simple and Complete in-game tutorial
Automatic savegame at the end of each level
Acid-cartoon style intro & end video-animations
4 Original soundtracks with hard-rock battle music
Original “Resident Evil” Hollywood movie sound fx

You can play Toxie-Radd on Kongregate.

Screen shots:

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