What Bothers me about Zombie Movies

Yesterday was Halloween and so I've been watching a few zombie movies on television. And I realized one of the thing that bothers me about zombie movies these days, and I hope you will share your thoughts in the comment section below.

What bugs me about zombie movies is that nobody every seems to know they are in a zombie movie. All of the survivors are running around, screaming their heads off, bewildered as to why their friends and family are attacking and eating people. With the explosion of zombies in popular culture in the last twenty years, in books, television, movies, video games, and more. I don't think it is possible someone depicted in a modern zombie movie would have never seen a zombie movie at least once. Or at least know enough to say "Hey guys, that groaning old lady is trying to eat Joey, we should destroy her brain before Joey is infected or killed." But no, every single character in a zombie movie, either runs screaming or hides in the closet. Why doesn't everyone brandish an anti-zombie weapon and take the liberty of slaying two zombies each, that way the zombie apocalypse would never happen. If you don't know what weapon to use, visit the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game.

I would like to see more zombie movies where the survivors know that they are in a zombie apocalypse and made decisions that I, the viewer would actually make and thus could relate to the survivors. Instead of hoping they get eaten soon so we can follow a more interesting character.

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